well-designed lighting products from decades of experience

  • Industrial Design

    Industrial Design

    every product we design and produce are with industrial design. Our engineer has keen sense of what the industrial customer need and always provide best solution in the product. From outlook to performance of the product, you can read it is from the designer with decades of experience.

  • Long Life-time

    Long Life-time

    Customer once choose us as their supplier they will always find that our product will never damage. Because it is for industrial customer, their maintenance costs are very high if the products are always damaged. Some of the products we designed before and used in some project are keep working till now for nearly 10 years.

  • Green and comfortable led lights

    Green and comfortable led lights

    One of the aim of the company is to make a led light which can make people feel comfortable by experiencing the well-designed light. Full spectrum, anti-glaring design, ultra-bright technology are applied in the products.

  • Challenge the limits of lights

    Challenge the limits of lights

    Special using in different industry area will ask high quality of the lighting products. In Middle-east our solar lights is challenging the high surrounding temperature which sometimes reach up to 60 degree. And in South Asia, our ex-proof lights are experiencing most unstable grid in the world and guard the safety of our customer. We will never stop challenging and enhancing our requirement on quality and make the most safe product in this industry.

Footprints of Mars

step by step, serve our customer and serve our people

  • who we are

    • In 2003, our chief engineer Started working at Sony and engaged in the research of LED chips;
    • In 2006, co-founder Mr. Peng began to work at Red100 Lighting, engaged in overseas market expansion;
    • In 2010, Chief engineer’s team manufactured the first MOCVD in China;
    • In 2014, Chief engineer obtained the patent of LED tube PIN CAP, which was later widely used;
    • In 2019, the core team of Mars Optoelectronics was established and exported 415 sets of pulsating systems to the Middle East in the same year;
    • In 2020, Mars Optoelectronics was established;
    • In 2020, Pangdun 100W, Pangdun 150W floodlights and Shouzai 100W street lamps was launched on the market, and quickly opened up the South Asian market, realizing stable production and sales;
    • In 2020, Mars Generation 1 80-150W was launched on market;
    • In 2021,Mars Generation 2 50-120W will be launched on the market;
    • In 2021, Mars intelligent control system applied for related patents;